LusterBlue Gem and Jewellery is directed to design-loving and quality conscious people who are interested in precious gems and design classics. Our selection of gems and Jewellery is determined by a modern classic shaping as well as by quality.

Founded in 1983, for more than thirty years “Luster Blue” has been supplying fine quality gems and jewellery to the local and international markets.

LusterBlue designs, manufactures and markets high quality gemstones and modern jewellery made from genuine materials. By necessity we had to be frugal but even with our less than ample resources we always did our best to provide a quality service as a reasonable price.

Sri Lanka was affectionately known as Ratna-Dweepa which means Gem Island. Its sapphires, rubies, cat’s eyes and alexandrite and A to Z range in semi-precious varieties from amethyst to zircon, area famed world-wide today as they were in ages past. It’s a never ending quest but it’s one we are happy to take on.

We are one of Sri Lanka’s leading exporters of precious gems and jewellery and the best online store. We are always looking for ways to diversify our offerings, improve reliability and improve our overall quality of service. After all, your ideas put you online but we are the ones that help you keep there.

Gem & Jewellery Guarantee

Many people are nervous about purchasing gems jewllery, they feel there are inherent risks. How does one know that the purchased item is exactly what is it claimed to be? Is the price fair? If the recipient doesn’t love it, can it be returned or exchanged?

All the gems sold by LusterBlue are tested and a “Certification of Gem Identification” issued with every gem stone. Also we issue certificates for the jewelleries as per customer’s request. Designed to be easy-to-use, everything at LusterBlue is built with the customer in mind.