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Natural Blue Sapphire 8.56ct – LBG-130

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Pink Sapphire 1.89ct – LBG-1023

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Natural Blue Sapphire 2.63ct – LBG-136

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Opal 46ct – LBG-1024

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Blue Sapphire 2.53ct – LBG-1002

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Spessartite Garnet 4.24ct – LBG-1026

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Emerald 2.5ct – LBG-1020

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Natural Blue Sapphire 3.50ct – LBG-150

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Ceylon Gemstones

buy gemstones online in Sri LankaSri Lanka lies at the southern tip of India which is situated at scope of 6° – 10° N and longitude of 80° – 82° E. The real piece of Sri Lanka is comprised of Precambrian crystalline rocks with the exception of a belt of sedimentary shakes along the north-west shoreline of the nation. The Precambrian rocks which covers almost 90% of Sri Lanka, have been grouped into three noteworthy lithological units, which are Highland/Southwestern Complex, Vijayan Complex and Wanni Complex.

Sri Lanka is outstanding all through the world for the expansive amount and flawless assortment of its gemstones. These gemstones happen chiefly in alluvial rock found in valley bottoms into which stream tributary slope streams which convey diamond minerals discharged by weathering structure the bed shake sources situated at ridges or slopes. Aside from the sedimentary arrangement which convey gemstones a few shakes too have been appeared to contain gemstones especially assortments of Corundum. There are likewise gemstones connected with pegmatite which constituted a vital source.

A Merchants Guide “Periplus of the Erythrean Sea” dared to have been gone along amid the primary century. Amid early times Sri Lanka was once fittingly alluded to as “Rathna-dweepa” which suggests the signifying “The Island of Gemstones”. The name Rathna-dveepa is found in many narratives.

Today around 200 minerals have been named gemstones either because of their excellence, strength, irregularity or a mix of some of these characteristic which ought to be satisfied make a mineral deserving of being delegated a gemstone. Of these gemstones, around 75 assortments have been mined or found in Sri Lanka. In spite of the fact that misuse of Sri Lanka gemstone stores has been continuing for a long time, its exclusive in reason times that exertion has been made to make investigation of the business itself, the areas of conceivable gemstone stores and generally imperatively.

Main species of Gemstones found in Sri Lanka are as follows.

Corundum Beryl
Chrysoberyl Zircon
Spinel Quartz
Garnet Topaz
Tourmaline Feldspar